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wheat problems

The Problems with Wheat & Rye

Wheat & Rye as Problem Foods In general, foods, which come from plants, have nothing like the suppressive action of animal foods. A great many plant foods, quite apart from the fruits, are among the most helpful active eliminators. However, in wheat and rye, we do have two plant-derived foods which are distinctly unhelpful to […]

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The Problem with Milk

Besides humans, no other species drinks the milk of another species or drinks milk beyond their natural age of weaning. Cow’s milk is meant for calves, human milk is meant for humans hence the adage “if it’s not your mum, it’s not your milk”. Cow’s milk does not suit the nutritional needs of humans and

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Foods and Detoxification

Comparing the Effects of Food Types on the Detoxification Process

​Introduction The food that we consume can have a vital role in helping to encourage elimination and detoxification (‘eliminative’ foods), whilst other foods can dampen down and discourage these processes (‘suppressive’ foods). Understanding the effect of eliminatory and suppressive foods and detoxification is so important in our quest to help void the body of the toxicity

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detoxification process

A Guide to the Detoxification Process

​The human body’s ​detoxification process is a chemical masterpiece ​in human development where removing toxins is not just a matter of physically shifting them. In fact they do not shift unless they are first altered chemically.  The chemical alteration is carried out by specific enzymes which require nutrients for their action.  Some of the nutrients

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Ketosis & the Ketogenic Diet

​To keto or not to keto? This is ​a question frequently asked by people who are primarily looking to lose weight, and sometimes by those looking to improve their general health. There has been a growing trend of this type of diet – with keto being a weight loss “buzz word” – and there are

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Vitamins in their Context

Vitamins DefinedAccording to the broadest definition, a vitamin can be any kind of essential nutrient that is not water and is not a mineral. Vitamins, therefore, are organic compounds rather than chemical elements. They are all compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, most contain nitrogen in addition and some contain sulphur. Some forms contain also

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Nutritional Influences on Fertility & Supporting a Healthy Pregnancy

The dependence of effective reproduction upon optimum nutritionThis fully scientifically referenced newsletter reviews a wide range of nutritional research that supports the sometimes controversial idea that a healthy diet, often supported with effective natural food supplements when combined deliver optimum levels of key nutrients that can be demonstrated to safely support people with fertility issues,

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