Diploma in Iridology


6-12 months

Course Fee



Coursework assignments, case studies

Key Aims of the Course

The Plaskett Iridology Diploma is a Practitioner level course that will complement any other therapeutic discipline. Now Iridology can make a huge contribution to complementary therapeutic practice and enhanced by our wonderful digital collection of eye photographs, the learning process with the Plaskett International College is a profound and exciting one. You will:

  • Learn to read signs indicative of biochemical, emotional and environmental influences that are hard to determine by other means
  • Receive the training to interpret health (and even aspects of personality) by close examination of the eyes, using suitable illumination and a magnifying glass.
  • Gain an understanding of the different personality and constitutional types, and how their vulnerability to various physical ailments varies, which will facilitate an empathy between patient and practitioner
  • Become aware of the close relationship between naturopathic iridology as a diagnostic tool and nutritional medicine and other naturopathic disciplines
  • Be presented with the Australian School (Dorothy Hall) and the German School (Dr Deck/Harri Wolf) of thoughts, both of which provide an added dimension to the study and interpretation of the constitution
  • Be shown how all three major schools of iridology embody different aspects of the truth, how each is individually valuable and how a full and deep understanding of the meaning of 'constitution' can be gained through a sympathetic synthesis of the contributions from all three of these schools
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