Diploma in Weight Management Consultancy


6-12 months

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Checkpoint questions, coursework assignments, case studies

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Key Aims of the Course

The Plaskett weight management consultancy course will provide you with a detailed, systematic and scientifically-based training, fuller than any other we know of in the field.  It will enable you to practise as a well-informed Weight Management Consultant and most importantly, you will be able to help and support individuals in their quest to lose weight whilst maintaining health and well-being.  You will:

  • Gain an understanding of the basic elements of nutrition with a focus on the key nutrients in order to avoid deficiencies when working with weight loss clients
  • Develop the confidence to be able to make informed choices from a wide span of weight loss options and avoid the use of rigidly fixed methods, thereby delivering programmes best suited to individual needs
  •  Learn the skills to be able to counsel on a one-to-one basis. We believe that this favours the resolution of individual circumstances and problems
  • Receive the training to see your clients through every stage of the process, thereby maximising their chances of success.

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Course Certificate


Mrs E. Marriott, Cornwall

“The Plaskett course in Weight Management Consultancy has been a really good introduction into the importance of nutrition and balancing food groups to make up a healthy diet plan for those who are obese and wishing to lose weight. It would be good if you want to do it for your own understanding or if you are looking for a step into a professional qualification or practicing yourself. The tutors communicate with you and give you detailed feedback on assignments and the work is achievable within a year, quicker if your apply yourself. There is a lot of information in the course surrounding basic nutrients, composition of foods and on how to set up and run your own practice”.