Diploma in Weight Management Consultancy


6-12 months

Course Fee



Checkpoint questions, coursework assignments, case studies

Key Aims of the Course

The Plaskett Weight Management Consultancy course will provide you with a detailed, systematic and scientifically-based training, fuller than any other we know of in the field.  It will enable you to practise as a well-informed Weight Management Consultant and most importantly, you will be able to help and support individuals in their quest to lose weight whilst maintaining health and well-being.  You will:

  • Gain an understanding of the basic elements of nutrition with a focus on the key nutrients in order to avoid deficiencies when working with weight loss clients
  • Develop the confidence to be able to make informed choices from a wide span of weight loss options and avoid the use of rigidly fixed methods, thereby delivering programmes best suited to individual needs
  •  Learn the skills to be able to counsel on a one-to-one basis. We believe that this favours the resolution of individual circumstances and problems
  • Receive the training to see your clients through every stage of the process, thereby maximising their chances of success.​
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