​Diploma in Nutritional Therapy


2-3 years

Course Fee



Checkpoint questions, coursework assignments, case studies

Key Aims of the Course

The Plaskett Professional Diploma in Nutritional Therapy is the most scientific and advanced practitioner level course that we offer.  Nutritional Therapy is a form of therapy that uses food, supplementary nutrients and cleansing procedures to alleviate or prevent chronic health problems and this course will train you to practise as a Nutritional Therapist of the highest degree. You will:

  • Receive a training which is truly holistic in nature
  • Be presented with the unique teachings of Dr. Lawrence Plaskett whose long experience working in the borderlands between nutrition and medicine enables him to offer a synthesis between many fields that are not often brought together: nutrition, pathology, biochemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, cell biology, naturopathy and homoeopathy
  • Develop the professional skills and specific diagnostic insight to be able to apply nutrition to health effectively, a training for successful practice that should be applicable anywhere in the world
  • Be trained to offer help with a wide range of conditions, the majority of which are not necessarily regarded in conventional medicine as being nutritional illnesses. These encompass an extremely wide range of chronic conditions, including most diseases and a vast array of symptoms - physical, emotional, mental - which can frequently be experienced outside the range of conventional medical diagnostic 'labels'.
  • Develop the necessary expertise in nutrition which is often lacking in other fields of complementary or alternative medicine. Any programme of nutritional supplements and diet needs to be matched exactly to individual needs by a well-trained practitioner


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