"Quality training in the study of Nutrition and Health that is truly Holistic in Nature"

- Dr. Lawrence Plaskett

Be the Best,

Be Trained by the Best

The unique teachings of Dr Lawrence Plaskett have evolved from his orthodox training in biochemistry and his later conversion to the holistic concepts of naturopathy or nature cure. His long experience working in the borderlands between nutrition and medicine enables him to offer a synthesis between many fields that are not often brought together: nutrition, pathology, biochemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, cell biology, naturopathy and homoeopathy. The courses developed in breadth and depth as a result of his 20 years + experience as a practitioner, teacher, researcher and writer in nutritional medicine.  Many say that Dr Plaskett is the Gerson of the UK.

Be Empowered by the Potential of Nutrition

We offer a range of holistic training courses in Nutritional Therapy, Weight Management Consultancy, Nutritional Consultancy and Iridology so whether you are looking to educate yourself in order to improve your own health and well being, or you are looking to train to help others in their quest to address their health, we have a course for you!

Certificated Courses

We provide a range of courses for the purpose of interest-only or to complement your current practice.

Practitioner Courses

We provide a range of holistic practitioner courses including Nutritional Therapy, Weight Management Consultancy and Iridology.

Books & Publications

We provide a range of books and publication written by Dr Plaskett including "The Nutritional Therapy of Cancer".


Our Teaching Philosophy & Methods

To provide quality training in the study of nutrition and health that is truly holistic in its nature.

This is achieved  by our courses being presented via our online study platform with the support of an expert tutor to guide you through your studies.

The Naturopathic Approach

The most fundamental underlying principle of Alternative Medicine is that of promoting and supporting the body’s inherent ability to heal itself, to heal from within.

This is something that Dr Plaskett believes is inherenet in his teaching and therefore are part of the learning process 

Benefits of Studying with Us

We offer students worldwide the opportunity to study high quality and fully supported distance learning courses based on the teachings of the highly regarded Dr. Lawrence Plaskett.

All of our internationally accredited courses are delivered in an entirely distance learning format making them attractive and available to students worldwide.


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