Practitioner Courses


Nutritional Therapy Diploma

This Nutritional Therapy Diploma Course is an in-depth, scientific Practitioner programme that will train you to use food, supplementary nutrients and cleansing procedures to treat chronic health problems.

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Nutritional Consultancy Diploma

This course is ideally suited to current health professionals looking to add a nutritional service to their practice. It will qualify you to be able to advise your clients on how best to achieve good health in a world where ill health seems the norm.

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Iridology Diploma

With this Iridology Diploma Course, you can train to use detailed inspection of the iris to diagnose the health of tissues and organs of the body and obtain indications for naturopathic and nutritional treatment.

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Weight Management Consultancy Diploma

Our Weight Management Diploma Course provides you with the training to advise individuals on a one-to-one basis. You will acquire a rare level of expertise in the important topic of Weight Management and have the knowledge to practise independently.

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